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The Promise Ring: A Ring to Remember and a Make a Promise

I tie my handkerchief, or, more accurately, my finger!

Have you ever been compelled to keep something in mind? We've all tried "guiding" our memories to recall something important that we'd like to keep from forgetting.

To accomplish this, we employ techniques. One of the most popular methods is to tie knots into things that we keep before our eyes.

It is a long-standing tradition to keep the promise or commitment we made to another person or to ourselves.

The Japanese also have a tradition of tying red threads onto the fingers of their hands. This custom is based on an old Chinese legend. Every one of us was born with a fictional red thread, impervious to destruction, that is tied to our left hand, binds us forever to a soul mate.

It is also a result of this practice that you tie a tiny red ribbon around your finger, linking the act with a thought... like understanding or commitment. Or perhaps revenge?

Who hasn't heard or thought: "I'll tie it on my finger!" as a way to symbolize the desire to never forget the mistakes endured? The promise ring is the perfect present for your loved ones.

A promise ring that conveys important things

The distance between the knot and the ring is extremely small.

Tradition is full of funny and touching stories about the promise ring. It could be a symbol of fidelity, commitment, monogamy, or chastity. However, it could also be a tangible sign of friendship between two people or of affection for a mother towards children, or of the love of a parent for their child.

Some people make a commitment that they will be thrifty and sober, and wear a ring each day to remind them of their commitment.

It could be used as a minor incentive to accomplish an objective, or as to commemorate an important occasion. The most popular meaning is that of the promise of love and fidelity between two partners.

In the past, it was believed that the vein that connected to the heart was located through the ring finger, known as the Vena Amoris. The "promise rings" is similar to the engagement ring that reminds you of your love and commitment each day, is affixed to the left ring. There are many ways to wear the ring. It can be placed on the index finger as an engagement ring, on the little finger, or even slipped through a favorite necklace.

"PROMISES are only appointments that you should never miss."

The current fashion trends suggest that you can make your promises official with a promise ring engraving words or phrases with profound symbolic meanings on the outside of the ring.

Personalizing the message is a test of imagination and creativity and a commitment... an original method to make your gift unique.


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