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Meet LaResse Harvey

Working Towards a Brighter Future

Meet LaResse Harvey, a Connecticut native and walking testament of the power of perseverance. As a formerly incarcerated black woman, she's faced some of the greatest oppression there is. Despite this, she overcame these obstacles and committed herself to public advocacy. A writer, activist, and political proponent, I fight for prisoners' rights. Having spent so much of my adult life impacted by the justice system, she knows how it feels to be deemed an "inmate" and "convict". Those words are used to degrade returning citizens, but Harvey believes in so much more.

As it stands today, Harvey is one of the first persons inducted into the Connecticut Hall of Change at NewGate Prison & Copper Mind, recognizing her 30 plus years of advocacy and grassroots lobbying. 

A Bit About Us

Anonymous But Not Amateurs

Here at Once Incarcerated Anonymous, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, especially to families of those impacted by the justice system.

Though founded in 2022, Once Incarcerated Anonymous is the culmination of the philanthropical efforts of founder LaResse Harvey. As the successor to Harvey's work with Civil Liberty Trust Lobbying, A New Way Reentry, Once Incarcerated, and A Better Way Reentry, Once Incarcerated Anonymous is uniquely committed to providing holistic support and building a network of returning citizens, activists, and political leaders to find innovative solutions to reduce recidivism. 

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