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More Prisoner's Education Results in Less Recidivism

Check out this amazing article by Trinity College's Renita Washington. This enlightening article appeared in the CT Mirror.

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Mass incarceration disproportionately affects communities of color, and is only exacerbated by recidivism rates.

In it, she explains the importance of education for returning citizens. In many ways, this piece exemplifies why Once Incarcerated Anonymous is so special.

Following being sentenced at the age of 19, LaResse Harvey committed herself to education whilst imprisoned. Through education, Harvey found that there was more to life and that she would help defend young girls like her who are tossed by society. Now, Harvey is able to inspire and help others by focusing on education and prevention strategies.

Let's hope that the state can find the same importance of education instead of allowing recidivism rates to trend so poorly.

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